Lucerne Valley Lions Club

Over 70 years supporting Lucerne Valley and surrounding communities in the High Desert of California.  


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About Us

Lucerne Valley Lions Club

Whenever a Lions Club gets together, problems get smaller and communities get better. That's because we help where help is needed – in our own communities and around the world – with unmatched integrity and energy.

Our motto is "We Serve."

A community oriented group of people who love to help others within our communities, we are part of a global service network, doing whatever is necessary to help our local communities.

For General Information, please contact Lion Linda at 

(760) 248-7670

Who we are

2018-2019 Board of Directors


President:  Mary Smithers

1st Vice: Tim Osburn

2nd Vice: Mary Sawyer

3rd Vice: Linda Plaas

Past President: Tim Wallen

Secretary: Laurinda Ortiz

Treasurer: Debbie Wallen

1yr Director: Wayne Box

1yr Director: Linda James

1yr Director: Jack Tompkins

2yr Director:  Dave Drott

2yr Director: Felix Ortiz

2yr Director:  Dianne Sanger

Grounds: Cliff Reed

Building Chair: Mike Kalinowski

Lion Tamer: Cliff Reed

Tail Twister: Mel Booher

IT/Marketing Director: Tamara Azuras

CFO: Steve McNabb

GST: Donita Jepsen

Membership: George Yablonsky

Range Master: Bob Neiz

Lions Code of Ethics


  • To SHOW my faith in the worthiness of my vocation by industrious application to the end that I may merit a reputation for quality of service~
  • To SEEK success and to demand all fair remuneration or profit as my just due, but to accept no profit or success at the price of my own self-respect lost because of unfair advantage taken or because of questionable acts on my part~
  • To REMEMBER that in building my business it is not necessary to tear down another’s; to be loyal to my clients or customers and true to myself~
  • WHENEVER a doubt arises as to the right or ethics of my position or action towards others, to resolve such doubt against myself~
  • To HOLD friendship as an end and not a means. To hold that true friendship exists not on account of the service performed by one another, but that true friendship demands nothing but accepts service in the spirit in which it is given~
  • ALWAYS to bear in mind my obligations as a citizen to my nation, my state, and my community, and to give them my unswerving loyalty in word, act, and deed. To give them freely of my time, labor, and means~
  • To AID others by giving my sympathy to those in distress, my aid to the weak, and my substance to the needy~
  • To BE CAREFUL with my criticism and liberal with my praise; to build up and not destroy~

When we meet


We meet the first and third Thursday of each month.  Dinner starts at 7pm in our Clubhouse.

For more information, please contact our Membership Chairman George Yablonski at            760-709-4713

About Lions Club International

We’re making a world of difference


Lions are changing the world one community at a time, by addressing needs at home and around the globe. We are 1.4 million men and women who believe that kindness matters. And when we work together, we can achieve bigger, and in-depth training sessions for our volunteers.

We take on global challenges together


In addition to serving locally, Lions and Leos support five global service areas: vision, hunger, the environment, childhood cancer and diabetes. See why we’ve made them our priority.

Get Involved


Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We're excited to have you join the team!

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Lucerne Valley Lions Club

30200 Del Oro Rd, Lucerne Valley, California 92356, United States

Membership Information

Please call George Yablonski at 760-709-4713


  • Take Highway 18 towards Lucerne Valley, CA.
  • Turn left at Rabbit Springs Road.
  • Immediately turn left onto the dirt road behind the Lion's Park Pride sign.
  • Follow the dirt road to the top of the hill and turn left down into the range.