NRA Basic Pistol Class

Saturday, August 4, 2018 8am-5pm

At the Lucerne Valley Lions Club


The NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting is intended for all individuals regardless of previous shooting experience or NRA-affiliation. You will receive direct instruction from an NRA-certified instructor from beginning to end. This class is both in the classroom and at the shooting range with an Instructor.

Course cost is $100 if you use your gun and ammunition. We are now offering the course for $150 if you need to use our handguns and ammunition.  Maximum class size is 16.  Lunch will be provided.

Registration is a 2 step process. Once you have paid for the course, you should receive another link to the NRA site to complete your registration.

For more information, please contact Jennifer at 760-953-5526.


NRA Certified Classes

We offer various NRA classes throughout the year from

Basic Pistol to CCW Preparation.  

Please see our Calendar for classes and times offered.

Private Firearms Instruction, By the Hour

The Lucerne Valley Lions Club Shooting Range offers individual, private shooting lessons.  The lessons are offered in 1 to 4 hour blocks for $25 per hour. Training will include both dry practice and live fire. Students will be required to furnish their own firearms and ammunition.

For more information and to reserve your time slots, call Linda at 760-985-8598. 

Instruction is available both weekdays and on weekends, at times convenient to students, and subject to weather.