Other events

Action Pistol

Action Pistol is open to all individuals who are interested in “Action” courses of fire, which combine speed and accuracy while shooting at multiple targets of steel and cardboard/ paper.  This group meets at our Range every third Sunday of each month

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Double R Bar Regulators

A SASS-affiliated, Cowboy Action Shooting Club that uses the range on the second Sunday of each month.

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Civil War Skirmish Association (CWSA)

Relives Civil War history through marksmanship competitions using Rifled Muskets, Smoothbore Muskets, Carbines, Revolvers, Breech Loading Rifles, Mortars and Cannons while wearing authentic attire. CWSA uses the range the fourth Sunday of each month.

High Desert Chapter of A Girl and A Gun

A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League is a ladies-only organization established by women shooters for women pistol, rifle, and shotgun shooters! The league is designed to take beginners to whatever skill level they wish to achieve and provide experienced shooters with more opportunities.  Currently, they use the range on the third Wednesday and fourth Saturday of each month.

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